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Update on July 13, 2012

Thanks to all of you who signed the petition - we are less than 1,000 signatures away from reaching our goal! For those of you burning with frustration over the federal government’s sluggish efforts to combat wildfires, the recent progress made against Colorado’s deadly Waldo Canyon fire may somewhat douse your anger. Last week, the U.S. Forest Services reported that, after burning more than 18,000 acres west of Colorado Springs and destroying over 300 homes, the blaze was finally 95% contained. Some firefighters and suppression resources are now being redirected to combat fires in neighboring states.

As of last Friday morning, the Forest Service’s beleaguered fleet of air tankers has conducted 140 air drops and discharged more than 332,400 gallons of fire retardant. Despite their instrumental role in combating the Western inferno, the federal government has neglected to bolster the collection of tankers beyond the mere seven additional planes provided. This fight is not just about what is happening now, it's about equipping our nation from future wildfires as well. Please continue to support this cause by inviting your friends to sign the petition, too!

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