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Update on July 01, 2012

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I've been horrified by what I've learned in regards to the laws of Canada and the USA on leather products being imported. The USA has passed a law for better labeling on leather and fur products being imported. Canada authorities are still shamefully on the fence.
It is disgusting that in 2012, cats and dogs are still being TORTURED and slaughtered for their fur and leather products and then put in our stores for purchase. The excuse is always, it isn't against the law. Is there a law of conscience and humanity? We as consumers can change this torture and abuse when we ALL do our duty and get involved.

Cat and Dog farms are a way of industry in China to provide cheap leather and fur to be used on garmets, fur woven into textiles, leather handbags, coats, gloves, dog and cat toys, where ever fur or leather is used.

Dogs and cats are raised for meat and are tortured horrifically before the die. Dogs, cats, rabbits are skinned alive, the hair is burnt with torches off of alive cats. Cats are boiled alive. Dogs are tortured and slaughtered in front of other dogs to raise their fear. Chinese doctors perpetuate this belief that the meat of a tortured animal increases a mans virility. All this torture for sex? They say this tortured dog and cat meat is also beneficial for arthritis. This is a situation where I couldn't possibly exaggerate, words can not describe the cruelty done to animals in China all in the name of culture and commerce. China is not alone in this insanity.
Canada's labeling laws are extremely lax. We as consumers are dooped into thinking our laws protect the consumer but in this incident, we are unwittingly purchasing cat and dog leather and fur without our knowledge. We assumed our Canadian government had our best interest as a consumer that this wasn't happening but they full well know it is and do nothing. Why I ask myself does our government lie to us about this? Are we beholding to China? Probably. Its all about commerce, its all about the money.
Cat and dog meat, fur and leather is a big industry in China. Korea, Taiwan are also in the mix of things to name a few more.
Link: http://www.causes.com/causes/644857-let-s-turn-facebook-orange-for-animal-cruelty-awareness/actions/1663960


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