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Update on June 29, 2012

Dear Friends,
We're so close! We are just a few pledges short of meeting our goal of 9,000 pledges to honor the 9,000 mothers and babies who lose their lives every single day.

Need convincing? We've put together a list of the top 3 reasons why you should share this with your friends:
1. Almost all 9,000 deaths are preventable
That's right. These mothers and babies who die due to complications during pregnancy or childbirth, lack of nutrition in the first few months of life, or other disease-related reasons are dying for no reason. We have the medical knowledge to prevent almost every single one of these deaths, we just need the political will to help these families access the care they need to survive.

2. In sub-Saharan Africa, nine out of 10 women will lose a child in their lifetime.
A sub-Saharan African woman's risk of dying during pregnancy or child birth is a staggering one in 22, compared with one in 4,800 in the United States.

3. Last year, CARE reached 41 million women, men and children with information and services to improve maternal health.
At the core of the millions we've empowered are healthy mothers, healthy pregnancies and healthy babies. Just imagine how many millions more we could reach with the support of our constituents.
Please take a moment to show your support for this humanitarian crisis happening every single day by watching the video and telling your friends about this important cause.
Invite friends here: http://bit.ly/Lf5XBI

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