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Update on June 26, 2012

Thanks to all of you who signed the petition, showing you care about one of the world’s most threatened animals!

The fight to save the Giant Panda is raging on. The Chinese Wildlife Conservation Association recently signed a deal with Malaysia, promising the country a pair of giant panda cubs on loan for 10 years to celebrate forty years of diplomatic ties between the two countries.

Many wildlife activist groups have criticized the deal, saying it has nothing to do with conservation and rather they are using these lovable creatures as political pawns. What’s more is that Malaysian zoos have a track record of animal abuse, including a laundry list of crimes ranging from drugging tigers for photo taking sessions to forcing elephants to ride tricycles. Who knows what degrading conditions they will subject the baby pandas to?

Clearly, the international community must continue to pressure the Chinese government to pursue conservation programs for Giant Pandas rather than using “panda diplomacy” to win itself allies. Please invite your friends to sign the petition, too!

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