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Update on May 30, 2012

Hello Everyone-

Just wanted to send a quick reminder of why each of your individual pledges to Rise Above Plastics is so important!

GOOD recently published an article on the health of beaches, and I thought you all would find it interesting: http://bit.ly/KZXUXi. Pristine beaches may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about New York and New Jersey. Oil refineries, “suburban sprawl”, and the New Jersey Turnpike tend to be the leading images associated with these two industrial laden cities. However, according to the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), New York and New Jersey have some of the country’s cleanest beaches for swimming. Los Angeles, on the other hand, may be a beach town, but its beaches are among the most dangerous in the country to take a dip.

Most of the pollution that streams into coastal waters comes from storm water runoff and sewage overflows. When rainwater flows down streets, it picks up the dirt, oil, pesticides, animal waste, and trash that’s accumulated on the streets and flushes it into the ocean. By adhering to the Rise Above Plastics pledge, you are helping to eliminate a portion of the plastic waste that makes its way into our oceans.

After decades of monitoring beach pollution, groups like NRDC and California’s Heal the Bay say water quality has improved. Last week, Heal the Bay's annual beach report card concluded that water quality in the past year has been between “very good” and “excellent”—93 percent of the California beaches it monitored received an A or B grade from the group. Although seven of the 10 most polluted beaches the group identified were in Los Angeles County, researchers found that the county’s beaches had improved from the year before. We at Surfrider are positive that your dedication to the Rise Above Plastics pledge will greatly contribute to the continuation of this upward trend in water quality.

As always, I encourage you to tell your friends and family why you support this cause and invite them to take the pledge: http://bit.ly/JRSBXB!

Thanks again for your support.

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