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Update on May 25, 2012

Hello everyone -

Just wanted to send a quick note to say thank you SO much for taking the pledge to Rise Above Plastics!

We're proud to announce that there has been a lot of movement on single-use plastic bag bans around the country! Earlier this month Hawaii became the first state in the nation where every county is covered by a plastic bag ban. This was not done by the state legislature, but instead by all four County Councils - a great example of local activists and decision-makers addressing the serious issue of plastic pollution.

This week the Los Angeles and Santa Barbara City Councils each voted to move forward with plans to ban plastic checkout bags and place a ten-cent fee on paper bags at grocery stores, convenience stores and similar retailers within each of their respective city limits. Both cities have held a series of public hearings on the issue and both have made a strong commitment to draft final ordinance language and perform the appropriate environmental review. Once those are done the will be a final series of votes, hopefully by the end of summer. If Los Angeles gives final approval later this year it would pass San Francisco as the largest city in the United States with a plastic bag ban!!

The Surfrider Foundation supports plastic bag bans and fees because the ocean is turning into a plastic soup and source reductions of plastic pollution are needed to help protect the coastal environment and wildlife that can ingest or be entangled in plastic litter. Plastic bags are the tip of the plastic pollution iceberg and the easiest to control with switching to reusable bags. Hopefully more people will get the message and also reduce plastic consumption other ways.

I encourage you to tell your friends and family why you support this cause and invite them to take the pledge: http://bit.ly/JRSBXB!

Thanks again for your support.

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