Update #5 ·

Update on May 05, 2012

Despite your much appreciated efforts to protect Minnesota's wolves from hunting and trapping, by contacting MN Governor Mark Dayton, we are sad to report that yesterday the governor signed bill 2171 into law. This will allow the hunting and trapping of 400 majestic Minnesota wolves, to commence in the fall. Another domino state has fallen.
This also flies in the face of the Native Americans, granted sovereignty in that region, and over 200 million acres.....they were not even consulted about the proposed demise of 400 of their spiritual brethren...the wolf.
The legislators that vote against wildlife should be held accountable for their voting records, and pandering to special interest groups for votes and favors. Less than 15% of Americans hunt, and less than 2% trap animals....why are they getting all of the legislation on their side? Why do they have all the 'say' when it comes to wolves and other wildlife?
How can we work to begin to dismantle the power structure that exists; the lobbying of extreme hunting organizations, like the NRA and Safari Club International, the fish and wildlife services, and hold accountable the "please like me politicians" who pander for votes and a secure position? How can we begin to dismantle this horrific system?
Many howls for trying to save the wolves of Minnesota....


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