Update #3 ·

Update on April 30, 2012

One of our wolf advocates was told my Governor Dayton's office that "they will only consider opinions of Minnesota residents, regarding the wolf hunt bill, waiting to be signed into law by the governor" - other advocates have spoken to employees of the governor's office with no indication that all 'opinions' had to be from Minnesota residents! I think, may be, the governor's staff is tired of answering the phone about this matter, and some of them are just trying to let the issue die. IN EITHER SCENARIO - I KNOW THE GOVERNOR WOULD PAY ATTENTION IF WE POLITELY EXPRESSED THAT MINNESOTA WOULD JOIN THE RANKS OF BOYCOTTED STATES, SHOULD HE SIGN THE BILL TO ALLOW THE WOLF HUNT (BILL 2171).
Please call and politely let them know we are prepared to boycott Minnesota - all travel, tourism, and products - should this bill be signed into law. WE CANNOT ALLOW 400 MORE MAJESTIC WOLVES TO BE TAKEN FROM OUR WORLD!

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