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Update on April 30, 2012

Dear Signatories
We have sad news. Today, 30 April, is the end of the first trimester of 2012. 200 Rhinos have been poached in this period. It means that every 14.6 hours, another rhino dies because greedy people find it easy to falsify/duplicate permits to transport horn.
Only a COMPLETE ban on all trophy permits will curb this.

CITES issue the permits. Only they can stop doing so.

This is a major undertaking. Apart from the standing committee of CITES, around 300 CITES officials in 175 countries will be receiving your signature and comments.

Please invite 25 friends regularly (you can do so every 5 minutes), share regularly, tweet and email to many contacts.

Let the next 14.6 hours bring many more Voices for Rhino - before the next one dies a horrible death.

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