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Update on April 08, 2012


Swine flu is poised for a comeback with a rising death toll in India as of April 2012.

The London Olympics may provide an early opportunity for a pandemic in the 2013 flu season to get started - we need to be ahead of the curve.

Please visit the site and review the postings and consider also lending your support to the Verona Declaration.

I believe it is critical that operations like Doctors Without Borders and Doctors Without Walls address emerging epidemics before they become pandemics. Thus, the terms of the Verona Declaration protect everyone not just the immediate recipients of medical care.

Thank you for you patience with some of the earlier trials in which you may have received some duplicate posts - this issue is vitally important but the software does take some experience to work properly!

Please consider supporting http://www.causes.com/causes/660057-teach-cough-hygiene-everywhere

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