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Update on April 07, 2012

I hope that the slow response to this urgent request is due to the glitch that this site is currently experiencing and not due to a lack of empathy for our fellow mankind and this tragic epidemic that is falling upon our country! I challenge each and every one of you to get at least five of your friends to sign this petition, not just become a member, and then your friends can send it on to their contacts. This is an unprecedented health epidemic in our country that can have catastrophic results within our own families. As citizens of this country we have to stand together to protect the health and well being of our lives! please stand with us to Save the Michaels of the World!

Campaign closed

Prescription drug abuse knows no boundaries. It can start with your own doctor, or right in your own medicine cabinet from unused prescription pain medication. The rate at which opiates are being prescribed is destroying our loved ones, our families, and ultimately our future.

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