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Update on March 27, 2012

Thank you so much for participating in the National Day of Unplugging. You survived! And now that your tech detox is over, we'd love to hear about your unplugging experience.

So, for now, here are two things you can do:

1) Go to our Facebook page and share your unplugging stories:

2) Sign up for the UNDO list at It'll give you ongoing inspiration and ideas for what to do when you unplug.

Even if you don't shut off your devices for 24 hours every week, try to build a regular tech break into your week. Here are some tips:
- Shelf your phone when you come in the door at night and leave it there until after dinner or when the kids are in bed.
- Try to ceck your email only once a day during the weekend.
- Go to the cafe with a newspaper or book and leave your phone and computer at home.
- Build a cell phone stack. At dinner, have everyone stack their phones on the table - first to pick up the phone pays the bill!
- Spread the word about the benefits of a digital detox.

Happy Unplugging,

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