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Update on March 23, 2012

Thank you to all of our supporters and on behalf of the animals just looking for someone to love but instead are met by cruel hands and death, you have done something of value!

Please conintue to share this cause though as we must reach more people to make a difference.
Like us at: https://www.facebook.com/PreventCrueltyWV

**We would also like to share a related cause we feel may be of interest to you... Please read the story below and if compelled sign the petition to end this womans cruelty.

The director at Mercer County Animal Shelter, Stacie Shampo, has been putting animals to sleep that have people wanting to adopt or rescue them. She works against all the volunteers and as much as we try have not been able to keep the animals from being put to sleep. She has banned and ran off many of the volunteers that used to foster and set up adoption events for these animals because she does not like them. She has even put animals to sleep after hours without any of the employees or volunteers knowing and stating they were aggressive or sick when neither is true. This shelter does not have a fax machine or a chip scanner! The local vet office has complained that they are not receiving payments from them to spay/neuter their pets. The ventilation in the cat room is very poor and many cats are getting sick if not adopted out quickly. This needs to stop! She is not an advocate for animals and unless we get her out of there these innocent animals will continue to suffer!! We need a change and it needs to start with her! Let them know that you do not agree with her actions!


~Thank You Again Supporters – I know you can be counted on for this one!!!

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