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Update on March 22, 2012

Join us in support of this great project for World Water Day 2012

Campaign closed

We are working to provide clean drinking water to the 20 schools surrounding the town of Keumbu in Western Kenya. These schools are all struggling to provide a good education to the children (ages 4 to 14) while they and their families are crippled with the lack of clean drinking water each day. Each of these schools have an average of 500 students and few have any electricity and NON have any…

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In Kenya and many parts of Africa the poor women that are left alone, the Widows, often have no means of self support, no means to feed their children, and are given no chance of survival as the village treats them as outcasts. Forced to sell their possessions or give themselves to another man just to survive they end up loosing everything. In the past they even had no rights to own the land…

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