Update #2 ·

Join the new GAME exploitation page- the media is watching!

Please join Ark of Hope for Children in the G.A.M.E. Global Alliance against Minor Exploitation page and comment with your disgust about FB policies regarding women, children, trolling and abuse of all types. The media is watching and we need your support. Pages and personal profiles - your voices are needed! https://www.facebook.com/GlobalAllianceAgainstMinorExploitation

I will post more later about the full petition and actions that need to be taken to get Facebook to make a way to report all child exploitation offenses. For now take to heart that we at Ark of Hope not only help dozens of children victimized  by this regularly but we have also been active on the opposite side; tracking down offenders, stopping them and putting them away if necessary and possible.
So updates will be added but please join with Ark of Hope as we join forces to forces change! Please share!


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