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Dear Friends,

We wanted you to be the first to know that Shenzhen, China's 5th largest city and border town to Hong Kong, has not just banned Wildlife. It has agreed to ban dog and cat meat. Following the coronavirus outbreak and the intense pressure we have been putting on China to close all live slaughter markets, China first decreed a temporary ban on eating Wildlife.

A few weeks ago, residents in Shenzhen were asked whether they wanted a full ban, and they also considered what meats they no longer felt safe to eat. We push for plant-based solutions, but we were happy residents said they felt dogs be part of their family. This means ( and of course it will need to be enforced) Dog and Cat meat will no longer be eaten in Shenzhen, and our hope is that Yulin will also not take place this year.

I can't believe it is over five years since I wrote about food safety on April's World Health Day and ten years since we started campaigning.

Nature is cruel with this deadly virus, but for the animals, it may be kind.

Thank you for sticking with us


Julia and all the team @notodogmeat 


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