Cowichan Tsou'halim
Cowichan Tsou'halim campaign leader

When Canada decides to give more money to Native People for an Aboriginal Affairs benefit, they shave off in another area, another program. Pharmaceutical products or health benefits are the first to go; because most native people pay for needs under their health care than before. Blue Cross is going to make money from us, under Aboriginal Affairs and Native Peoples health will deteriorate under Poverty. So, if they provide more money for education, they take off benefits for Health Care. Its a psychotic relationship with the Federal Government of Canada; Aboriginal Affairs. Not many Native People working in the Aboriginal Affairs departments managing our benefits. Its not a win-win game with the Federal Government! Its not even a relationship; its a system of genocide. My cousin (an elder) lived on $25. a month for food, every month. After years living on $25. dollars a month he died of health complications. That is serious oppressive abuses under the fiduciary duties of the bands and Aboriginal Affairs Canada causing death. Just my opinion. If you think its easy living as an First Nations person in Canada or North America; come and live with us, do not take anything, no credit cards, no money, and try and find you way through a system that says "no" to you everyday. This is a Human Rights Complaint, especially for Native Women who are invisible under the Indian Act. Until the Governments and Agencies including Roman Catholic Church who systemically push you under ruin, socially and economically! Maybe you live, maybe you don't! They rule our lives to death. I have no sympathy or delusions this is going to get better with our votes. No shelter, dealing with low health care benefits, no physiotherapy, but billions for mental health care professionals; not natives, for non-native health care professionals. You are a resources to Health Care Canada; just like native foster children. Vote, but it ain't getting better - in fact, it got worse for Native Women, Housing, Native Children in Foster Care. I see our reserve moving into this Ghetto existence, with tonnes of health care problems - caused by Poverty. I use to believe in the Liberals, they just proved themselves to be worse than Harper. They won't be happy, until were all dead and they sell all the raw resources from Canada, they will kill our water, poison our oceans, and laugh and lie about it all the way to the bank

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