Cowichan Tsou'halim
Cowichan Tsou'halim campaign leader

Coast Salish People are the Salmon People that have eaten Salmon for 10,000 years. In less than 100 years the salmon population is dying. Its now a crisis situation in Cowichan and Coast Salish Territory. Our rivers are dry, and the Government of Canada permits companies like Nestle to just take our water, yet its causing a crisis situation for a whole population of salmon and peoples. The bears are dying of starvation as a result today. Please care, donate, and support our fight to end this disaster. The world is in crisis right now. Please care! Indigenous Women carry the law of the lands and oceans; permit the women of the longhouse to have say in protecting and preserving our land, waters, forests, and wild-life; Race and Discrimination has no place in Coast Salish Territory; Permit the Women of the Longhouse to help in changing how the oceans, land and wild-life are managed.

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