Cowichan Tsou'halim
Cowichan Tsou'halim campaign leader

NO TO THE TREATY; because our people are not united, we must remove the ideology, or perception of lies; go into Agreements with all Indigenous Nations from North America, Mexico and South America; then we talk Treaty. We once had trade with all Indigenous Nations of Turtle Island. My great grandfather spoke 12 different langauges, for the purpose of Trade with other Indigenous Nations of Turtle Island. If you let them lead you around by the nose; its real...if not, then we unite and fight it. This is a forced Treaty, forced oppression, forced starvation. There is a Breach of Trust here; how do we trust a Government whose done nothing but systemically violate our rights at every turn. We must "Think Indigenous" our forefathers; we go into talks with all Indigenous Nations 1st. I live in Cowichan; my great grandfathers went to England UK about our stolen lands. Before that, preceding Chiefs were hung, on the oak tree's brought here from UK the elders called them "Hanging Tree's" hang any native leaders; if they refused to give up the lands. That is forced, and then the pox blankets killed thousands of Cowichan Indians. That is Breach of Trust. Then, they put my Great Grandpa Chiefs in the gallows of Fort Victoria to die; they would not sign anything away, they could not speak English. They said "This is my land, I can walk where I want to"..they were jailed in Fort Victoria for stepping off the Rez by RCMP. They died in the gallows of Fort Victoria. Chief Tzouhalem; hid up in the mountain, with other Warrior Chiefs and men, not giving up our lands. Its forced on us, there is nothing here that makes me feel "human" about this Treaty coming. There is no accountability from the Government of Canada for the many deaths of my ancestors. Its a forced Treaty. I say NO! I would like to find out more about other Indigenous Nations 1st. I see nothing but death and blood shed; leading up to this Treaty. Then, our electives who transferred into our lands, no history here, nothing like the original families from Cowichan who are allegedly speaking on our behalf; hiring someone from Ontario to lead our Treaty; not Cowichan. Who we don't even know! He's got to go, can't remove him. Who is he? We don't know him, none of us want him here; he doesn't speak our language, does not know our families. They are bought off, paid off, electives who aren't (most of them) aren't educated enough nor experienced enough about all the historical aspects of our fight for our lands. They keep selling bits and pieces of our lands away to non-native peoples. Gave away all my Grandfathers Lands to Non-Native and Non-Cowichan People transferred to our reserve, in the last 60' years in small bits and pieces; its fraud; Breach of Trust with Cowichan Band too! Regardless, Cowichan Valley sits on my Great Grandpa's Territory; before it becomes a reserve. They don't even give us our lands back; instead they fight for things, even us the original families and granddaughters of the lands, that doesn't belong to them; using our money. We have a BIG PROBLEM here too! I say NO' and hold on...until we talk to all the Hereditary Chiefs in one Room: All Hereditary Chiefs from Coast Salish Territory, and neighbouring nations about issues were facing; historical to present. Today, I say no..but my own band starves me out too, they hire everyone in Cowichan Band that isn't Cowichan and Non-Native; they hate on us, discriminate against us too. I say no...nothing feels right at this time. No Damn Treaty...until the Real Hereditary Chiefs Talk, and the Real Clan Mothers have a say!!! Starving us out both ways in Cowichan, the original families. NO to this darn Treaty. They are Polluting our waters, poisoning our sea's, killing our food fish, all our wild-life extinct, sport and trophy hunting going on; who can trust a Government who keeps killing everything in sight? NO means NO!

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