Billy Ryder
Billy Ryder campaign leader

The goal was to show people the effects of landfill. It was also to raise awareness to the issue

This was important because this is not a sustainable method of rubbish disposal.

This will help because it will persuade people to encourage the stopping of landfill.

I used impactful images and some shocking facts

• Anyone who views this video will be shocked by facts about landfill.
For example, they should be appalled to learn that landfill affects the ground, water and air.
• Viewers should also be influenced by graphic images of landfill. In particular the image of a bird found with rubbish in its dead body should make them think that this is a bigger issue than what they may think.
video and are also powerful ways the video makes its point about negative affects. 
• images of dying animals and litter are shown. This should add power to the message that landfill is a bad thing

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