Joshua Teofilo
Joshua Teofilo campaign leader

This story is showing obvious statics about the dangers of the water pollution around the world and how badly India, In particular, is struggling.
About 30% of Earth’s fresh water lies deep underground in aquifers. And it’s extracted daily for farming, drinking and industrial processes – often at dangerously unsustainable rates. Nowhere is this more evident than India, which guzzles more groundwater than any other country, even more than China and the United States combined. 54% of India’s groundwater wells are decreasing, meaning that water is used faster than it’s replenished.
In some parts, the levels are declining by more than one metre per year. A lack of proper wastewater treatment from domestic, industrial, and mining sources has meant that groundwater is being progressively contaminated by known and unknown pollutants, increasing the potential health risks to humans and ecosystems.
Similarly, surface water conditions are bad as well. All Indian water bodies within and near population centres are now grossly polluted with organic and hazardous pollutants. Interstate disputes over river waters are becoming increasingly intense and widespread. Not a single Indian city can provide clean water that can be consumed from the tap on a 24×7 basis.
India is now facing a water situation that is significantly worse than any that previous generations have had to face.

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