Aaron Feenan
Aaron Feenan campaign leader

As the public we are often hidden from the terrifying and horrific insight and truth of human trafficking. Occurring worldwide each year of every day, victims across several countries are imprisoned behind the sickening illusion of trafficking. However, in this case a young woman known as Rebecca Bender escaped the terror of sex trafficking back in 2012. Her story tells the world about the inside daily life of a prostitution ring she was trapped in and how a 1-minute window gave her that escape.

The message behind Rebecca’s story is not only informative, heartbreaking and tragic but it is to reach out to other victims to say that they’re not alone in is the horrific fight. In this instance, don’t just listen to me but listen to Rebecca’s story both written by her and on documentary as her story not only reports back on human trafficking but essentially shares to the world her experience with it and how she regained her strength coming back from it.

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