Mitchell Browne
Mitchell Browne campaign leader

This story is about how overfishing is damaging these areas of the ocean and how we need to reduce the rate of fish being caught, especially with drift nets. When an area is overfished it doesn't mean that there's nothing left in the sea. Oftentimes when you remove one major species -- or even a not-so-major one -- it upsets the balance and things go topsy turvy for a while as new species move in or expand.
One recent example of this are jellyfish taking over. Overfishing is depleting the fish that keep jellyfish populations in balance by eating them or their food and populations are rising.
What's worse is that climate change could make it worse, creating conditions in which jellyfish can thrive, but other animals cannot.
Overfishing is also having an impact on other marine animals: We're taking so many smaller fish for our appetites that Oceana reports dolphins, seals, and whales are now facing starvation.

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