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Peace Plan - 2020 VISION

"Where there is culture there is peace - where there is peace there is culture."
- Nicholas Roerich.

Please cast your vote for 2020 VISION... 

Hood River, the state of Oregon and the Federal reserve all claim that there is a budget "crisis."  The perpetual state of emergency that we find ourselves locked into on a daily basis, is actually the clarion call for social reform.

The following link below is an introduction to the most comprehensive plan for biospheric balance and prepares us for the social integration of the Roerich Peace Pact, the Banner of Peace and the Discovery of the Law of Time

According to the Law of Time deficit budgets, "crisis" spending and fear are all scarcity social $12:60 mental program wired to a dying system and a fictitious old world economy rooted in economic slavery.

It's time for the human species to shift gears and get real with the dynamics of the time and consciousness i.e. the biosphere. We invite you to entertain a new time where "time is art."  Please, "change your time and change your mind..." 

We look forward to hearing about your endeavors to forward the same - thank you.

OMA' P.A.N. Agent 67

Bilingual Teaching(s) for Peace and Prosperity...


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