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When a fly will NOT take a hint...Meerkat vs. Fly

Watch a Wild Meerkat run from a crazed suicidal fly! https://youtu.be/647ABA8dFDM

A Meerkat / Suricate gives a response to a persistent fly buzzing around their head! Watch Shongololo from the Wild and Free Ungulungu Meerkat group of The Meerkat Magic Conservation Project in The Meerkat Magic Valley Reserve.

Buzzing fly vs. guarding Meerkat...usually when guarding, Meerkats are almost impossible to distract from their focus...but sometimes...

Protecting Wild Meerkats since 1993 and ongoing - anybody can help spread awareness...

Although millions of people from around the world have enjoyed watching Meerkat films, not many are aware of the demand on Wild Meerkat populations to be captured for the unsustainable and unsuitable commercial pet trade.

Although Wild Meerkats can be very entertaining to watch, please help to conserve them in the wild and don't support the Meerkat pet trade. All that is needed is to share the Conservation Through Education initiative of The Meerkat Magic Conservation Project to protect the Wild Meerkat populations.

When the demand goes away so does the supply - please tell others about not supporting the Meerkat pet trade and help to conserve Wild Meerkats where they belong - in nature and free.


The book can also be requested as a reference book in libraries and educational institutions as it is a scientific conservation work. It can be purchased online here too: Buy the #MEERKATS book by Grant Mc Ilrath The #Meerkat Man: http://uk.newhollandpublishers.com/meerkats.html

ADOPT A WILD MEERKAT @giftrepublic U.K AND THE MEERKAT MAGIC CONSERVATION PROJECT: Adopt a #Meerkat: http://www.giftrepublic.com/Product.aspx?ProdID=MEERKATADOPTIT

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