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Due to the tragic and overwhelming needs, the current
Gaza Strip Appeal has been increased to 10 Million Dollars. Islamic Relief has managed to meet the first target set in the first day of this emergency operation

Islamic Relief’s Actions
Six hours after the air strike started, ISLAMIC RELIEF PALESTINE managed to deliver five trucks of medical supplies (worth around $126,000) have been delivered to the needy hospitals.

IR-PAL started responding to the crisis since Saturday, by providing medical tools to the hospitals such as: laboratory sponges, gauze, VICRYL, hypodermic needles, splint kramers, latex sterile surgical gloves, endotracheal oral tubes as well as bandages, plaster of paris and plaster of paris bandages in different quantities and various sizes.

ISLAMIC RELIEF PALESTINE team is coordinating its work with other INGOs and UN agencies in Gaza. WHO representative has informed ISLAMIC RELIEF PALESTINE and other aid agencies that the Israeli authorities has given WHO the permission to coordinate aid access to Gaza on behalf of all aid agencies. This means that ISLAMIC RELIEF PALESTINE has been able to purchase aid commodities and will be delivered to Gaza.
ISLAMIC RELIEF PALESTINE maintains its regular communications with suppliers outside the Gaza Strip as well as coordinating with WHO.

ISLAMIC RELIEF PALESTINE’s procurement team has surveyed the quantities of food available in the local market. A brief study has been prepared and proposals have been drafted accordingly.

ISLAMIC RELIEF PALESTINE has already made purchase orders to different suppliers and materials including medicals disposables, medical equipment, food, and non-food items (NFI) are on their way to ISLAMIC RELIEF PALESTINE warehouses and distribution points.

ISLAMIC RELIEF PALESTINE has distributed 1000 blankets to hospital yesterday.

- Islamic Relief Palestine also donated several food items to Al Shefa Hospital and has supplied R2.6million worth of medical supplies through the World Health Organisation (as a start) to Gaza hospitals
• Unit Prices for Gaza Hospitals. List the item and amount when you donate and fax details to 011 8361055.
• BANK DETAILS Islamic Relief SA Standard Bank Acc No: 005318459 Branch: Fordsburg Br Code: 005205
• Emergency First Aid Kit £150 R 2 025
Family Food Parcel £50 R 675
Water Sterilization & Hygiene Kit £20 R 270
Temporary Shelter £350 R 4 725
Baby Incubator £8500 R 114 750
Ambulance £28000 R378 000
ICU Ambulance £50000 R675 000
Hospital Bed £1000 R13 500

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