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DON'T LET OUR VETERANS BE FORGOTTEN: U.S. Marine and FDNY Firefighter Killed in Afghanistan


U.S. Marine and FDNY Firefighter Killed in Afghanistan   https://www.facebook.com/newjerseygovernmentcorruption ...

U.S. Marine and FDNY Firefighter Killed in Afghanistan

Marine Sgt Christopher Slutman, 43, died near Bagram Air Base, north of Kabul, Afghanistan on Monday April 8th, 2019

Sgt Slutman was killed with two other U.S. service members when their vehicle was hit by a Taliban Suicide bomber, Vehicle-Borne IED (VBIED).

Sultman, was married and a father of 3, he spent 15 years working for the FDNY and was given a memorial medal in 2014 for crawling through flames to rescue an unconscious woman inside an apartment fire in the South Bronx.

He and another firefighter dragged the woman from her bedroom to the elevator before taking her to paramedics.

'He was really a great guy. He loved being a fireman, and he was a real family man.

Slutman worked at Ladder 27 and Ladder 17 and was a sergeant in the U.S. Marines.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Sgt. Sultman's loved ones and his fellow Marines. We pray for God's grace, peace and comfort for them, at this very difficult time, through Jesus Christ the Lord, amen.


https://www.facebook.com/newjerseygovernmentcorruption ...

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