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MARCH 29th IS VIETNAM VETERANS DAY ACROSS AMERICA It is also the anniversary of...


It is also the anniversary of a team of U.S. Marines' Vietnamese village of Duc Duc being massacred. https://www.facebook.com/newjerseygovernmentcorruption/ ..

A Vietnam Veteran Recounts Living in Duc Duc

https://www.theepochtimes.com/a-vietnam-veteran-recounts-living-in-duc-duc_2818108.html ...


Marines Spent Their War Living With Vietnamese Peasant-Farmers. The Unknown War In Vietnam That The Left Wants To Remain Unknown.

I'm going to change the opening scene in my movie script "So Alone" to a massacre and burning of my Vietnamese refugee village of Duc Duc.

The opening scene to the movie is Vietnamese preteens playing and having fun at the exterior to their school. The teacher rings her hand held bell and they rush into their school. The scene cuts to the jungle as military men are rushing. Bullets and bomb open up outside the school and start to hit it. (Sounds like opening sounds of Saving Private Ryan.) The school get a few direct hits.

Last scene of the movie, North Vietnamese Army come from the jungle near the school and finish off the school and start lighting fires to village huts as they continue to shoot.

The Disneyland opening comes right after the attack on the school.

Seven months after we left the Duc Duc Refugee Village, about 1,500 communist troops punished the innocent village people for supporting the American Marines. It happened on March 29, 30, 31, 1971. For three days of the communist attack on the peasant village, hundreds of innocent men. women and children were killed, wounded and reported missing. The complete village was burned to ashes.

http://www.americans-working-together.com/duc_duc_refugee_village_massacre/id12.html ...

How you can help

This Is No ONE American's Fault, But It Is EVERY American's RESPONSIBILITY HELP Clean Up American Veterans' Grave Sites FINALLY RESTING PLACE FOR AN HONORABLE VETERAN ROBERT  JAMES  PIERCE America's Heroes Graves Should NEVER Look Like This Pictures and some details at: http://www.americans-working-together.com/id5.html ORANIZE  INTO  GROUPS  OR  SMALL  TEAMS  OR  JUST …

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Please do me a favor and remember this U.S. Marine  He was a great buddy. Here's a picture of a great Marine, who died trying to save another Marine's life. Robert Pierce Died August 11, 1970. Here's a webpage I built for him.  (more pictures) http://www.americans-working-together.com/id5.html   Those who died in Vietnam are the real heroes. They should be honored. …

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