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Rape Is Never Justified

Ali Mark
Ali Mark campaign leader

A Look Back On October, New Contact Information, Subscribe To Us!

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A Look Back On October!

The October goals were well exceeded with the exception of Myspace.

Goal: 5686 TOTAL supporters
Actual: 7007 TOTAL supporters

Goal: 1852 Myspace supporters
Actual: 1828 Myspace supporters (30 short)

Goal: 3519 Facebook supporters
Actual: 5138 Facebook supporters

Through the Facebook | Cause Application, $125.00 has been donated through Rape is Never Justified to the Rape and Abuse Crisis Service Foundation (the RNJ beneficiary). RNJ also celebrated its 7 month anniversery with just under 5,400 supporters on October 9th. Xanga is no longer in full affiliation with RNJ and will only be checked bimonthly.

T-Shirts have been terminated and will only be issued by request. (Therefore, if you would like a t-shirt, you must contact us to purchase and get information on those t-shirts. We will no longer be advertising SupportWear™.)

Our goals for November:

October: 7007 TOTAL Supporters
Goal: 8409 TOTAL Supporters

October: 1828 Myspace Supporters
Goal: 2011 Myspace Supporters

October: 5138 Facebook Supporters
Goal: 6423 Facebook Supporters

Please help us reach these goals. I'd LOVE to see us have 15,000 supporters - not just RNJ, but you all have 14,999 other people to turn to. So, please, tell your friends about us. Tell your family. Tell the world. Tell one person, and maybe they'll tell someone else.

Thank you for your support,

Campaign closed

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