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Meaning You Crack Me Up



19 Apr 2007 . Dear GT^2, The CRACK in YOU CRACK ME UP appears to derive from the Standard English sense of 'crack' as break (or the 'figurative' sense.. Definition (expr.) make me laugh. Examples Eddie Murphy cracks me up. He is so funny. I love his movies. Examples I was cracking up when you slipped and.. 20 Jul 2008 . Top definition . says something funny and you start laughing uncontrollably you say "YOU CRACK ME UP!" . person 2 who is laughing uncontrollably: dude! u crack me up! . Get a crack me up mug for your barber Georges.. Question about English (US) "You cracked me up" sounds more like you started laughing . These two can mean the same thing but the first one is more slang.. Definition make me laugh 2. Use Crack me up is a common and useful expression. It sounds much more natural to describe a funny person as.. Definition of cracked me up in the Idioms Dictionary. cracked me up phrase. . crack up. 1. verb To laugh a lot. We all cracked up at Josh's joke. 2. verb To cause.. crack (sb) up definition: to suddenly laugh a lot, or to make someone suddenly laugh a lot: . . There's something about that guy's face that just cracks me up.. 6 Apr 2016 - 57 sec - Uploaded by DJ Martin Jensen442oons Recommended for you 2:54. When you remix Kevin Hart, John Cena, Shia Lebouf .. In scenario 1, if you are actually tempted to laugh or have laughed because of the lies, you could say, "Stop making me laugh so much.. crack up meaning, definition, what is crack up: to laugh a lot at something, or to make .: Learn . It nearly cracked me up and he could see what it did to me.. It's always a good thing but to decide between flirting or casual there are other factors. 1. Were you saying things other people would find funny or was she.. 9 Jun 2010 . You crack me up - the meaning and origin of this phrase.. But you're clearly having some kind of a crack-up, so I suggest you take three weeks off. Isabel Wolff RESCUING ROSE (2002)Reassure me you're not one of.. 8 Mar 2001 . Steve Harvey's really been cracking me up a lot lately, I listen to his morning show. . as someone who cracks you up, instead of someone who makes you laugh. . Winners - See who guessed the slang definition correctly.. Click on the correct meaning below: . John will read all sentences and give you feedback! . I was beaten his child so that cracked me up.. Translate You crack me up. See Spanish-English translations with audio pronunciations, examples, and word-by-word explanations.. I would like to know if the expression "You crack me up" (vous me faites bien rire) is mainly used between men, Is it very insulting ? . comes to you the you take it i mean it is just an expression showing how funny is the person.. 26 May 2009 . It could mean to cause you to laugh uproariously or it could mean that I just think you're funny in some way but without the context required by.. If something cracks me up it makes me laugh a lot. Possibly from imagining a smile or laugh as a crack in the face, possibly from the difficulty of concentrating.. [chuckles]

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