Save Romania Street Dogs
Save Romania Street Dogs campaign leader

ROLDA is asking European Commission (because they finance the National Veterinary Authority) to enforce animal welfare rules where others are too lazy, indifferent or incompetent to do it. From years, ROLDA raise warning signs about the despicable conditions from public shelters and also from some private shelters - places where thousands of dogs captured from streets are kept in inhuman conditions, in dark, filthy cells, crowded, hungry, sick. Still, these "shelters" have authorization to function from the National Veterinary Authority. (Lately, a new category of "shelters" appear, which are run by individuals who call themselves "foster" - but this is another discussion) In reality, these places have a high potential risk of infecting the community's pets and even the people. These "shelters" should never get authorized. It's our duty to unite, to see these places closed down until fully renovated to meet the legal standards, to offer the dogs adequate conditions, to offer staff, visitors, adopters or volunteers humane working conditions and safety. In dirty and crowded cells, a dog can't be socialized, rehabilitated, treated, not even looked after properly. Scared, hungry, suffering, stressed, a dog is dying slowly, agonizing and we should not allow this to happen. European Union supports transparency, respects all living creatures' rights and encourages progress. They have the power to change Romanian animals' future. Please read, sign and share our petition!



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