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Call for Action: Seoul’s 25 Districts Need to End the Dog and Cat Meat Cruelty!

We will now go down to the district level in the Korean government. Cities are made up of multiple administrative districts and we will petition each of them in turn. First, we will petition the 25 districts within Mighty Seoul Metropolitan City.  Click below to take actions against the Seoul Districts.

  1. Eunpyeong-gu District: http://koreandogs.org/seoul-eunpyeong-gu/
  2. Nowon-gu District: http://koreandogs.org/seoul-nowon-gu/
  3. Dobong-gu District: http://koreandogs.org/seoul-dobong-gu/
  4. Gangbuk-gu District: http://koreandogs.org/seoul-gangbuk-gu/
  5. Seongbuk-gu District: http://koreandogs.org/seoul-seongbuk-gu/
  6. Jungnang-gu District: http://koreandogs.org/seoul-jungnang-gu/
  7. Dongdaemun-gu District: http://koreandogs.org/seoul-dongdaemun-gu/

Click here for more actions you can take: http://koreandogs.org/petitions-korean-cities/

Please take action and send your petition through epeople today. If they have to address and respond to hundreds, thousands or hundreds of thousands of petitions on this issue; then perhaps they will finally be put under enough pressure to take action to bring this horrific animal cruelty to an end.  Click here to submit your petition on epeople:  https://www.epeople.go.kr/jsp/user/on/eng/intro01.paid

Thank you! 

Compassion Through Action!

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What you can do: http://koreandogs.org/what-you-can-do/

Call the South Korean Embassy and Consulate General Offices in your country: http://koreandogs.org/call-south-korean-embassy


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