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Thank you for your previous support

From the desk of E. Carmen Torres, Development Manager


In the past you have visited with us and expressed an interest in our work. We wanted to let you know about our latest activity and our newest cause.


Glaucoma Research Foundation works to prevent vision loss from glaucoma. We fund innovative research that seeks to improve therapies and ultimately find a cure. We help those with glaucoma and their caregivers through education and increased awareness. Each month we fulfill 700 information requests and host 70,000 visitors on our website. With our non-profit partners we are active in our community with eye screening events and other awareness activities.


Why eye screening is important: 

Of all the eye diseases, glaucoma has no symptoms. By the time you would notice something wrong, you may have already lost vision, so we support eye health by recommending that you have regular eye exams. A screening is a great way to get started. We hope you think so too, and in the coming weeks we will ask you to support our eye screening at Black Expo 2011.


Thank you...

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