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His children got off the school bus one day to find their father in the front yard selling the family’s furniture.  Diagnosed with post traumatic stress—and unable to find work—it was the Iraq War veteran’s only way to make one more month’s payment.  The USA Cares Jobs for Vets team intervened to store his household goods, pay the back bills, find a job, and help relocate him and his family.  Today, an employer benefits from the skills, dedication, and service of a veteran.

The USA Cares Jobs for Vets mission is to reduce unemployment among Post-9/11 Veterans, particularly combat injured, Guard and Reserves.  The Jobs for Vets program is unique from other such programs in a number of ways. 

First, USA Cares will provide necessary financial support to qualified veterans to overcome financial roadblocks to employment.  For example, if the veteran needs to travel to an interview, stay at a hotel during the training, or even a car repair to get to the job, USA Cares’ Jobs for Vets program can, and will, help.  Over $30,000 of such grant assistance has been provided to eligible veterans to date.

A second unique feature of our program is the focus on career-building training and subsequent jobs.  Each participating employer must offer training that leads to a certificate as a qualified electrician, plumber, pipefitter, etc.  USA Cares’ employer partners are nationwide in scope and have a wide variety of jobs available for veterans. 

A third important difference is the screening process that characterizes Jobs for Vets.  Participating employers know that a veteran referred through USA Cares’ Jobs for Vets program is indeed a veteran with an honorable discharge who has been engaged by our staff for the best possible guidance with respect to his/her job search.

USA Cares’ Jobs for Vets is funded by private donations.  Veterans who qualify for disability benefits through the VR&E...

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