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An Epilogue for Freddy

Last Thursday one of Molly's Mutts & Meows dogs passed away.
His name was Freddy.
Freddy was pulled by one of our long-time foster moms, Rhonda Richford in January of 2010.
Freddy had been at the East Valley Shelter, languishing for 2 months when Rhonda found him.
They had him marked as a "senior" at the East Valley Shelter.
It said he had a "clean bill of health."
Almost as soon as we got him into our rescue, we knew he had some health issues.
We finally had him diagnosed with cancer.
And Rhonda stood by him through everything.
I had the pleasure of having Freddy in our home for 2 weeks last spring while Rhonda was out of town.
He won over my husband in a matter of minutes with his funny little demeanor.
He was such a cool little guy.

I'd like to just take a moment in this email to say "Shine On" to sweet Freddy...and to acknowledge Rhonda.
Many other foster moms could have said "no, thank you" and given the foster dog back to the rescue with an illness like this.
Not Rhonda.
In fact, Rhonda basically provided him hospice and a loving home (all the while Rhonda was going through rough times of her own, including the passing of her own father).

I think the best way to honor Freddy is through the words of Rhonda.
I paraphrased an email she sent to all of us regarding Freddy.
It will make you smile.

"I just wanted to say thank you for your good wishes for Freddy and me. He was a wonderful dog.  I'm not sure many of you got to know him because he had been sick and did not attend adoptions, but he was a hilarious little fellow with an epic underbite, the shortest legs, longest body and funniest run you have ever seen.  He held his own counsel and if he wasn't sure about you, he let you know, or wandered off to somewhere he could keep an eye on you.  But if he liked you he loved you and really opened up and was just a cuddle bug.  He was with me all through the past year and was along on many long car trips up north, and adapted to rural life and loved being outside and exploring.  Once he walked right off the side of a small deck falling a couple of feet but just bounced right back up and trotted off to have a good time.  He didn't let anything get him down.

Freddy went through a lot in the past year and 4 months:  3 surgeries + chemo, plus he was blind in his left eye - but through it all he maintained a good disposition.  He was a source of inspiration because after all he went through, and even when he was feeling under the weather, he was still happy and enthusiastic about every day.   When we pulled him last January he had been in the shelter for two months, and even though he was microchipped his family never came to get him.  Because of MMM he had a chance!  We knew he was a senior but he was given a clean bill of health, and we did not yet know what was happening inside.  But even with all of his subsequent health problems MMM stood by him and was fully committed to making sure he got the best care.

I realize in my email blasts I tell you about how horrible people can be when it comes to the treatment of animals.
But there are some people that I have been very lucky to come across, people like Rhonda, that care so very deeply.
For Rhonda and all the other foster moms & dads, volunteers and supporters of animal rescue out there....I am grateful.
Shine on Freddy.
Shine on.
My best-

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