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We have been eradicating species of flora and fauna since humans have arrived on this continent over 10,000 yr ago. When an animal is killed so one can eat, sustain life, ok, acceptable. But, do not leave anything useful behind. Now, we have too many people on the continent, big cities growing larger by the minute, farm land and land that has been used and lied on by animals since the beginning is being taken over to satisfy our greed, and need for expansion. This takes away THEIR homes, and effectively murders them as a species. Every species that becomes extinct is one more step toward our ultimate extinction. Look at how many have already died, because of mans stupidity and greed. We have right now something unusual, and beautiful.. the Florida Panther. Theyre becoming fewer and fewer by the hour. Please dont let them go the ways of the Dodo, carrier pigeon, and dinosaur. Help these beauties survive! Clear out swampland!!Gators dont need that much, or so many!! Thank you, and blessed be.

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