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Kalpana Bhandarkar
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Yes? No? Maybe?


Love can be hard to express with the check of a box and no one is really looking forward to a maybe. But unconditional love is the difference between a girl staying in a traumatic situation or discovering the love she has for herself and leaving her pimp. Unconditional love can give a girl the courage to pursue a tough job, despite her past.  And unconditional love helps a girl recognize her talents and inspires her to use them to help others. 


At GEMS there is no maybe. The answer is always yes. Love at GEMS is always constant.  For some love is the beautiful flowers, the delicious candy or the soft teddy bear, but at GEMS, love is the acceptance that a girl feels walking through the doors here for the first time. Love is the encouraging words that she hears. Love is the shoulder that she cries on, the clothing that she needs, and the people who understand her.  Love is opening up and beginning to trust again after being hurt for so long.  Love is the driving force behind the hardest decisions the girls and young women at GEMS make for themselves. 


Love may not be easy to express with the check of a box, but you can show your love for GEMS by talking to people ( about this issue, sending words of encouragement ( to our girls or making a donation (  Your support helps girls find love today, tomorrow, everyday--unconditionally.


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