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26 elephants die in Maasai Mara in 90 days — report

Mystery surrounds the deaths of 26 elephants in Maasai Mara National Reserve, which is managed by the Narok county government, in the last three months. Although the cause of the deaths remains “unknown”, at least 11 of the jumbos are suspected to have been poisoned.


In November alone, seven deaths were categorised as “unknown” but there was evidence pointing toward poisoning, a damning report published last week by the Mara Elephant Project (MEP) says. 

The report, published on the MEP website and posted on their Facebook account on December 14, says the poisoning may be as a result of human-wildlife conflicts. Preliminary investigations indicate some of the dead elephants were poisoned with cyanide. That means they were targeted either for their tusks (poaching) or as retaliation after they invaded private farms and destroyed crops. 

 “Now, there is some evidence based on the location and circumstances of these unknown deaths that are pointing toward poisoning as a result of conflict retaliation, and there are some unknown deaths that point to pesticide poisoning,” reads the report in part. 

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