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Who will go to Lesotho? Last chance for you to earn your place

Time is running out. You have just a few hours left to gather support and seize your opportunity of a lifetime. Whomever gathers the most support for the Born HIV Free campaign will be going on the trip to Lesotho next month.

Here are the three actions you need to take.

* Gather all the support you can. Invite friends to sign the petition ( Write posts on your blog asking followers to sign the petition, message your Facebook friends, post articles on your websites and profiles, contact your fellow employees, persuade your parents to join. Send messages to Causes and groups you are a member of. Help us reach as big an audience as possible.
* Collection evidence. Collect evidence of what you have done. Copy the links, take screenshots, show us your Causes profile.
* E-mail us. Send an e-mail to [email protected] (mailto:[email protected]) with details about yourself and the evidence of the actions you have taken to support the campaign. 

Be sure that we can contact you over the weekend to confirm the winner. We hope to announce this on Monday.

Good luck. Remember you have a few hours remaining to do this. Don't waste a minute. This is your opportunity of a lifetime.

Read the full rules of the competition here: (

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