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Pakistan Earthquake: Help Save Lives



Massive flooding across Pakistan has now affected 15.4 million people -- more than Haiti earthquake and 2004 tsunami combined. And aid has been slow to arrive. 

One Pakistani flood victim, Horai Mai, told the Associated Press: "I have no food for my children. I have no money ...We were able to escape the floodwaters, but hunger may kill us." 

The United Nations World Food Program (WFP) responded rapidly in the hardest-hit areas, delivering emergency food assistance to one million people despite bad weather and massive destruction to bridges and roads. In the weeks ahead, as access to isolated communities opens up, WFP’s teams hope to feed a total of 6 million hungry people -- but they can’t do it without you. 

Every minute and every dollar counts at this critical time. Please donate today to rush food supplies to those who urgently need it ( 

Some flood victims will need assistance for a short period only, but many will likely need help for at least three months. 

"The damages are unimaginable," says Ishtiaq Ahmed who has received food from WFP. “Our houses are destroyed, water has taken away our livestock and the little food reserves we had at our house.” 

WFP is delivering ready-to-eat food for infants and young children and nutritious biscuits and flour to those whose lives have been washed away by the floods. With every dollar donated, WFP can reach even more people in desperate need of help. 

Please don’t wait to make a donation. You can make a difference right now (

The rains are devastating parts of Pakistan that are already suffering from poverty and malnutrition. WFP’s operation is in high gear – but you can ensure that more people don’t go hungry. 

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Jason Corum 

Online Communications Manager 

World Food Program USA 

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PS: Please forward this urgent email to your family and friends. Every single gift will help save more lives. 

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