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Joesph Jin
Joesph Jin campaign leader

Demand to Follow the Etiquettes of Malaysia

Task: To encourage the tourist to follow etiquettes of Malaysia during their visit to the country.

The Issue: Malaysia is a vibrant country with many tourists spots, it is a cultural melting pot blended with the bustling cities and lush rainforests. The Malaysia as reached the heights of sky in tourism industry, there is plenty to see and to do things in this beautiful country. However, one thing is unique in Malaysia is it’s law. Many visitors do not follow the etiquettes during their Malaysia tour, one need to be aware that they will be subjected to the local law during their time at the country and they won’t be let free just because they are visitors.

The Solution: Malaysia is a multicultural nation and majority of people are Muslim, the tourist should respect the local traditions, customs and laws. Locales are well adjusted with the rules and Malaysian authorities are taking steps to bring the awareness among the tourist about the local rules and regulations. Jaywalking, alcohol consumption, drunken behavior at public, indecent exposure and abusing other people are considered as illegal activities in Malaysia. The tourist should abide the rules during their trip. Violating any rule may subject to heavy penalty or can even end up in jail sometimes.

Drug activity is highly prohibited in Malaysia, if you caught being indulging in drug selling or buying you may lose you life. All the tourists and citizens of Malaysia are requested to follow the etiquettes of the nation to make the nation a safe place to travel and live. To know more visit

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