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TOMS makes largest corp contribution EVER to end gun violence. Here's how to help!

The TOMS’ company has launched "End Gun Violence Together," and is backing it up with a $5 million commitment to help reduce gun violence in America!  

Please take a just moment now to help!! Here's what to do!

Our friend Blake Mycoskie, Founder of TOMS, has asked everyone from "Remember Sandy Hook" (that's all of us) to go to TOMS.com right now and click on the button that says, Send a PostcardThe website will then automatically generate a postcard to your member of Congress, urging them to support universal background checks to keep guns out of the hands of criminals. (It takes just 30 seconds!) 

Over 600,000 postcards have already been submitted. 

TOMS' $5,000,000 contribution to help end gun violence in America is one of the largest single corporate contributions ever made to support this issue! So let’s do our part, and overwhelm Congress with postcards! Let's get to one million!  

Just visit TOMS.com and click "Send a Postcard." It's that's easy.


David Paine


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