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Horsemeat on the Dinner Table: Don't think for a minute this isn't already happening in the US

It's happened in Europe.  It's happening right now in Canada.  With a woeful lack of  enough USDA Inspectors already to handle inspections of beef, don't think for a minute that horsemeat isn't already hiding in the US food supply. 

Here's why: (


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Why Horse Burger Scandal Could Happen Here While everyone jokes about horse meat contaminated  burgers in the UK, several states are trying 2 approve horse slaughter 4 human consumption right here.  So how could this play out in America?  And why r issues w/horse meat far bigger than the industry is admitting? 1: What's in it & where is it from? Horse meat from Poland ended up in ground…

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While the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has been trying to convince the public that the BLM does not sell wild horses to slaughter, Wild Horse Freedom Federation has obtained proof that a BLM Long Term Holding contractor sold wild horses directly to kill buyer Joe Simon, who is well known for sending horses to slaughter, and who owns JS Ranch ("Farms") in Perkins, Oklahoma. To give you a…

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