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20 May 2013 newly added Meerkat Magic Moment images for the month!

Greetings to all the Meerkat Friendly Supporters around the world.

A special welcome to all our many new members, our cause now has 1612 caring friends - great to have you with us!

The campaign and vote is going very well and we now have 230 pledges - excellent Conservation Through Education work - thank you to all who have taken the education pledge to share the conservation importance of wild and free meerkats and their ever reducing habitat. 

As I have been doing recently I will continue to post monthly links to newly added wild and free meerkat images - the link below will take you to the gallery.

20 May 2013 newly added Meerkat Magic Moment images here! (

Very best wishes to all from

Grant M. Mc Ilrath - A.K.A - The Meerkat Man

The Meerkat Magic Conservation Project

The Meerkat Magic Valley Reserve


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