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Sponsorship for NAS training in Hoi An

Thank you to the Hoi An People's Committee which has agreed to sponsor NAS training at Hoi An in November 2013. An NAS Introduction course (1 day) will take place on 6 November followed by an NAS Part 1 course (2 day) on 7 and 8 November. To allow the training to take place the Hoi An People's Committee will provide a venue at no charge as well as free accommodation and transport for the training team which will include Mark Staniforth (Monash University) and Jun Kimura (Murdoch University) as well as Dr Le Thi Lien and Pham Thanh Son from the Institute of Archaeology in Hanoi.

In addition an anonymous donor has agreed to provide US$2,000 towards the additional costs (such as five return airfares from Hanoi to Da Nang) associated with conducting NAS training in Hoi An. Thank you!

If you want to help expand NAS Training in Vietnam or sponsor the translation of NAS Training into the Vietnamese language then you can donate on our CommonSites website at: (

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