Debbie Dahmer
Debbie Dahmer campaign leader

Medicare paid $5.1 billion dollars for poor nursing home care!!  ***BREAKING NEWS*** Medicare paid $5.1 billion
dollars for poor nursing home care, reports show.  We need to open our
eyes everyone and step up the plate and take action.  This is down right
disgusting. Does anyone care anymore? Has this become the crazy and
evil world we live in? Neglect and Abuse is Acceptable?  Every Voice is heard and every signature is counted.  Please Get Involved!!  TAKING ACTION is the SOLUTION! Thank You!!~~

* (   Negligent Nursing Homes Grab 5 Billion Tax Dollars in One Year.  Is this something that American Taxpayers should be concerned about? 
Why is there so much nursing home abuse and neglect going on? What kind of world do we live in? Is this Acceptable? Do you care?  Hope you do.  Please contact your State Legislators on Getting this very serious issue addressed and doing something about it.  Thank You!!


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