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Exciting Update

Its a new year and a lot of exciting things are happening in the goat project.

The class in Merger is taking their exam this coming Sunday so that means they will be getting their goats in about 3 weeks. The guys from the gangs have been true to form and not wanting to come to class, but 3 have been there faithfully every week. They are getting goats tomorrow! They are so excited and I suspect the class will be full on Sunday when the others see what they are missing.

The big news though involves 2 big changes in the goat project. The first is we are expanding to a new school. We are meeting hopefully next week with the committee and assistant trainers in a village near Merger called Lebou. There will be 40 new kids entering the program! I am so excited to see the program expanding. The second is that we will be spreading the trainers out so the 4 people in Merger will each have their own group of 20-25 kids to teach.

Two of the trainers will each have 20 kids in Lebou and one will stay with the kids in Merger. The fourth will start working with the kids in Merger who haven't been to school. They will learn about goats, Jesus and to read.

We have already started with 25 children in the valley, where I buy the goats from farmers, with the literacy program and will start teaching them about goats in Feb. So many good things all because of your support!! Thank you!!

We were fortunate to receive grants from the Pilgrim Foundation and the Stewardship Foundation to get the project going. The goal is for them to become self sustaining. I am proud to say that in Merger we have reached that goal in giving back goats. We still aren't quite there in paying the trainer but it's coming along. The program in Pernier is going well and they will soon have ogats to give back. They have given 8 back so far. It is exciting to see the project working.

Not only is it working in becoming self sustaining in giving back goats but in changing lives. So far this year of the 50 children who started in November 10 children have given their lives to Jesus. We were looking at the "stars" in the program and there are several children in Merger who were in the first class (they received their goats in April of 2010) and they have 11, 9 and 8 mama goats and are supporting themselves to go to school and helping their siblings!

Thank you so much for all your effort and support of this program, prayers are much appreciated as we enter this new phase. We have some grant funding for working with the gangs and the literacy project but the basic program is all up to us now. Please tell your friends and consider giving a gift of a goat - it does changes lives!!

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