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Wendy has a story of starting over to share with you

Take it from Wendy and her family:
Just when it seems like you're all alone,
That no one will find you - abandoned in a cage,
The power and water are turned off, the food is gone,
Just when they tell you it's over,
That nobody wants you and you have nowhere to go;
That's when it's time to start over,
That's when it's time to gain strength,
That's when you find out who your real friends are!
Thank you for providing miracles to monkeys like Wendy!


It felt like there was no hope left –after living in a small chain-link cage for years...the bad news came. The roadside zoo was closed. Power and water were shut off and the food ran out. With nobody left to care for them, where would Wendy and her family go? Nobody wanted them…would this be the end?

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