Alison Kostiew
Alison Kostiew campaign leader

Please read, large pod of pilot whales and bottle nose dolphins need you to read this.

Today A huge pod of pilot whales and bottle nose dolphins await their terrible fate. Netted in tiny sea pens in the Hell on Earth that is Taiji. While the evil fisherscum have a day off to relax and spend it with their friends and families. Tomorrow these beautiful sentient creatures will have their families and friends ripped from them, they will witness one another being tortured and killed, they will hear their loved ones scream in pain and anguish. Cetacean brains are are similar to ours, how would we feel if this happened to us, remember this when you are looking at that shiny Toyota or that hi-tech Panasonic tv, or even the Wasabi sauce on the supermarket shelf. Do not send any of your hard earned money to those who laugh in our faces and laugh while they stab and slice at the dolphins, while they scream and thrash in pain, yearning for the peaceful silence to come that is death.


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