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Help stop abuse of orangutans at Melaka Zoo, MALAYSIA

This zoo has been repeatedly criticised in the past for its cruelty to orangutans, among other species.

Friends of the Orangutans recently paid a visit to this zoo again and we were shocked to find supervision totally void all over the zoo! On the day of visit day we observed countless amount of people tossing junk food, including fizzy drinks, snacks laden with sodium and MSG to the orangutans.

One visitor even threw a lit cigarette at one of them and FOTO investigators had to stop the visitor from tossing another. Investigators also had to man the enclosure keeping an eye on irresponsible visitors, to the shame of Melaka Zoo.

Please click the link below for pictures.

Melaka Zoo's sacreligious and disgusting attitude towards orangutans must be stopped. Please will you sign two petitions below to help orangutans at Melaka Zoo? Thank you for your care and help!

More picture of orangutans kept in bad conditions at this same zoo, from May this year:

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